A beautiful and compelling resource to help parents teach their children that God is real!

Uncreated God is a simple, meaningful and beautiful picture book that can be used to introduce God’s existence and the creation narrative to children. It can also be used for much more, like teaching children how to defend the existence of God or even beginning the journey of Christian apologetics for yourself!

Jacob Haywood, a Student Pastor pursuing his Ph.D. in Christian Apologetics, and his wife Sara utilize their passion for defending the good news of Jesus and giving hope to a hopeless world in their ministry Reason for Hope. Their first published work together, Uncreated God, is an incredible resource equipping parents to know and teach their children biblical truths about God and creation. These truths are beautifully illustrated by George Scondras, an artist and Ph.D. student in Christianity and the Arts.

Jacob and Sara Haywood

With simple and profound truths, loosely based on the Cosmological Argument for God’s existence, coupled with beautiful illustrations and Parent Pages to help you begin to go deeper, Uncreated God is the perfect resource to equip you to confidently answer your children’s questions and give real reasons that God is real.

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personal, gospel-centered, and apologetically based

God created everything seen and unseen.

God is unrelenting in His pursuit to save His children.

God created imagination and YOU!

Get an inside look from our illustrator, George Scondras!

We’re writing a Children’s Book, “Uncreated God” to help parents teach their kids that God is real and really loves them!

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