(A one-off sermon of your choosing.)

Sermons to choose from:

  • “Give Reason for Hope” – A general plea for practicing Apologetics
  • “God is Real and Really Glorious” – What the cosmos reveal about the grandeur of God
  • “God is Still Good” – Trusting God amidst the problem of evil and suffering
  • “His Words are True” – The validity and trustworthiness of the New Testament
  • “Hope is Alive”  – Proofs and implications of the resurrection


(An informational, two-hour, class-like lecture on a given topic)

Lectures to choose from:

  • Arguments for the Existence of God
  • The Problem of Evil
  • The Validity of the New Testament
  • Proofs of the Resurrection


(3-4 sermons to be delivered at a retreat)*

Apologetics Retreat (3-4 of the above sermons)

Battles in the Promised Land (four messages about hope amidst suffering and the fight for the abundant Christian life)


(A 4-hour informational event)*

The Apologetics Intensive is a 4-hour highly informational event. The sessions are as follows:

  • God is Real (The Existence of God)
  • God is Good (The Problem of Evil)
  • The Bible is True (The Validity of the New Testament)
  • Jesus Really Rose (Proofs of the Resurrection)


For both the retreat and intensive, a music option is part of the package. It is so highly recommended that we do not offer these two options apart from the music component. Worship leader and songwriter Channing Gillespie accompanies and leads music and worship at these two events. It is essential for the head knowledge that is received at these events to make its way to the heart. Music is one of God’s primary means of stirring our affections while imparting information, so it is a necessity for these two events.