Reason for Hope Press

We are excited to announce that Reason for Hope has entered the publishing world! We have started with our own children’s book, Uncreated God, which will be part of a set of three books that defend the existence of God, and we have newly published Allen Farm Adventures, which is the first in a series of fun and educational books about faith, family, and farm by Kayla White, Tracy Allen, and Hillary Huffer. These children’s books are designed to inspire and equip parents and their children to know and love the God who knows and loves them.

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I once heard it said, “If you want to outlive your life, write.” If we are to give Reason for Hope to the largest amount of people for the longest amount of time, we need to get words out to the world. We feel so deeply that God is leading us to start Reason for Hope Press. And God has given us a BIG vision for it. Because of this, we need your help. Please help us get this organization off the ground to impact the minds and hearts of the many people who need the hope that is only found in Jesus.

Our Mission and Purpose

Reason for Hope Press exists to provide resources for apologetics and hope amidst suffering. The world needs hope, and it is found in the God who is there. In many ways and forms, Reason for Hope Press seeks to make that reality known to hearts and minds by revealing the truth, goodness, and beauty of the good news of Jesus.

A goal we have at Reason for Hope Press is to give a platform to those without a platform. Most publishing companies and literary agents will not look at content unless the author already has a platform, no matter how good the content is. This is a great disservice to the world. There are so many credible authors that the world needs to hear from. To only hear from the same people that already have a platform denies the world of much good and much hope. If you are a credible author and have a work or idea within the following categories, please contact us at

Reason for Hope Standard

Reason for Hope Standard publishes nonfiction books to inspire and bring hope to the general public.

Reason for Hope Fiction

Reason for Hope Fiction publishes fiction books that reveal the truth and beauty of the gospel.

Reason for Hope Apologetics

Reason for Hope Apologetics publishes books to help the general public recognize the true truth of Christianity.

Reason for Hope Children

Reason for Hope Children publishes children’s books to inspire and equip parents and their children to know and love the God who knows and loves them.

Reason for Hope Academic

Reason for Hope Academic publishes scholarly books, articles, and anthologies on the problem of evil.