Reason for Hope exists to inform and equip people to defend the Christian faith and find hope amidst suffering.

Hope is real. It is grounded in reality. The historical reality is that Jesus lived, died, and rose from the dead. Because Jesus really is alive, there is always hope, no matter the situation.

Reason for Hope is a ministry founded by Jacob Haywood to defend the reality of Christianity and to offer the hope that only Christ brings.


In 2014, my faith was tested like never before, and my whole life and identity was turned upside down. My twin sister died unexpectedly. The sufferings of this world are real and hard. But amidst my suffering, I more deeply realized that I did not suffer alone. There was a Suffering Servant who went before me and was ever-present with me. Because of Jesus, I had hope. And I still do. And so can you.

That is why Reason for Hope exists.